MJ Dot - Aroma Crystals
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MJ Dot - Aroma Crystals

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• Red Berries
• Dragonfruit 
• Jasmine

Weight: Approximately 125g

Product is 1 (one) bag of Aroma Crystals

1. Pour as little or as much as you want into your burner well, Unlike wax melts they wont overflow. We usually recommend 1-2 teaspoons as a way to prolong the use of your supply.

2. Light your Tea Light and allow a few moments for the burner the heat up and you should notice the scent flood your room.

3. After a number of uses the colour will fade and your scent will be unnoticeable, simply dispose of the used granules and add a fresh scoop to repeat the process.

Always use 4 hour tea lights and let your burner have a little rest before burns.

We are in no way affiliated to the designer fragrance company. Our product is inspired by the popular fragrance.